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Access more with Pro! Get 30% off LogoCereal Pro with the code:聽LC23 馃巵
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Loved by designers

Our briefs and challenges are loved and recommended by talented designers all around the globe.

Jordi Klavers


A really great way for new and old designers to sharpen their skills and get some good practice. It's a great project by Jacob and Matt. I love it.

Sumer Mavi


Easily the best product out there to challenge & expand your creative vision as a designer. Highly recommended!

Leonardo M


The best product you can get to build your portfolio if you are just starting out! When you finish all the briefs you will have a lot of beautiful work that you can showcase to your future clients!

Noah Thertel


My absolute n煤mero uno recommendation for starting and experienced designers looking to practice their skills on multiple levels! Would be stupid not to try it.

Luis Barajas


Not only are LogoCereal's briefs great for improving your creative abilities but they are also great for growing your social media and clientele.

Cameron Giles


This challenge is a great way to stretch your design muscles and practice with quick but meaningful briefs. It's an awesome warmup to do before diving into a day of designing, and you'll find it useful no matter what your skill level.



Chiming in to say there are some resources available out there such as Design Quests (formerly @ThirtyLogos) and @LogoCereal!

Nick Houlding


The #breakfastbriefs challenge by @LogoCereal is a great way to improve your logo design skills through bite-sized, daily logo briefs.

Dewi Thomas


#LogoCereal has been nice to tackle in my down down and to get my technical + sketching skills flowing.



Since starting @LogoCereal鈥檚 #BreakfastBrief I鈥檝e increased my circle on Twitter 馃憤

Oz Tsori


Great product! I recommend it a lot!

Magnus H


Great tool to practice and challenge your skillset with creative briefs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our product before creating an account or upgrading to a paid membership.

What's the difference between the Free and Paid plans?

LogoCereal Pro includes over 100+ more briefs and challenges and grants you access to more high-quality resources and content.

What's are briefs?

Briefs are in-depth scenarios based on real-life businesses to help you practice design and build a portfolio of incredible work.

What's the difference between briefs and challenges?

Challenges are similar to briefs, but challenges are emailed directly to members of our newsletter to help keep our community active.

What's the difference between briefs and prompts?

Our briefs and prompts help you practice, and while briefs are incredibly in-depth, prompts are bite-sized versions to give you some motivation before you begin your day.

Are these real briefs and challenges?

No. All our briefs and challenges are conceptual, but they are based on real-life businesses and products to create some form of realism.

How can I get my certificates?

You can submit your work here, and we'll email your certificate once we've reviewed your work.

How often does LogoCereal release new content?

We aim to release new briefs, challenges, templates and resources at the beginning of each week.

Can I try LogoCereal Pro for free?

Yes! You can get a free trial of LogoCereal Pro before you pay anything.

Can I change plans or cancel my plan?

Yes! You can upgrade, downgrade, or even close your account at any given time.

Do I need an account to use LogoCereal?

No, but those without an account are restricted from accessing the content that makes LogoCereal worth your time.

How do I get support?

You can reach out to the LogoCereal team using the chat widget here.

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